About Us

We're a local, home-grown apiary, with pure honey products located in Alabama, NY. Our property is surrounded on all sides by the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge and the Tonawanda State Wildlife Management Area. This means that our bees have a lot of goldenrod and wildflower pollen/nectar to collect.

We have 12 hives, which produce approximately 500 pounds per season. Our apiary was established from 2 small hives about 10 years ago. These hives spend their entire year on the property (they never travel to almonds or go down south for cold seasons). The bees, themselves, are both Italian and Russian strains that we find over-winter very well. We manage our bees using all-organic methods, but because we can't control where the bees forage, we can't label our honey "organic."

The honey is strained only, so that there no bee parts in the bottles. Often you will be able to see pollen in the honey because it hasn't been filtered out, like most honey on the shelves in a supermarket. We bottle the honey on-site twice each year, once in the spring and once in the fall. All equipment used to extract the honey is made from 304SS, made in the USA in Ayer, MA.

Most of out honey has a very strong flavor, likened to the very dark variety of maple syrup. We have found that this robust product makes for great flavor when brewing beer and making mead. It's also excellent for breakfast with oatmeal and fruit, as well as in your tea!

My honey crystallized!

If your bottle of honey crystallizes, fear not, all honey will crystallize eventually. If it doesn't, that is usually an indicator that the honey has been processed or is not pure honey.

To re-liquefy the honey, put the bottle in a bowl of hot water. Please do not put it in a microwave, as the bottles tend to melt.